Civil Construction for Projects Across Northern B.C.

Roads, bridges, and their underlying structures are necessary for communities everywhere. Dependable infrastructure is especially critical in the northern part of the province. People around Dawson Creek depend on good accessibility for tourist dollars, the transport of essential goods, new construction, and the operation of Canadian oil and gas in northeastern B.C. Parallel Projects is here to help!

Newly paved street

Infrastructure Projects

Supporting the construction of new roads, dams, and new civic properties requires a dependable work ethic and a safety-first approach. Parallel Projects consistently delivers on client expectations with our project management capabilities. Our team is ready to discuss your design-build needs in greater detail.


Creating new embankments and ditches and reshaping the environment is often necessary for civil construction work. When it comes to laying down a new base for a building or stabilizing a tricky slope, Parallel Projects carries out each step with streamlined precision. Our experience will help keep you on schedule.

Heavy construction equipment lined up


Parallel Projects is licensed and insured for civil construction. That means we possess the crew and machinery necessary to take on assignments on a larger scale. Removing large sections of earth requires a solid game plan to avoid costly disruptions. Buried utilities and overhead lines can be problematic if you’re ill-prepared. Much of our work occurs before we ever break ground. Rest assured, our job sites are supervised for safety and post-work cleanliness. Your location always appears in better shape after a visit from our team.


Proper grading requires more than simply providing the machinery and operators. Professional grading is a crucial construction phase that contributes to the appearance, zoning, environmental-friendliness, and drainage of any new property. Whether you require architectural grading or re-grading for raising or lowering the land, our team is happy to apply our talents to the job.

Parallel Project truck

Aggregate Deliveries

Parallel Projects is well-equipped for civil construction across British Columbia. Aggregates form the basis of everything we do (road construction, drainage, capping, backfills). Our team ensures your build has the materials necessary for completion. Fine or coarse aggregates? Pipe bedding or clean stone? Parallel Projects knows what’s needed for the best results.

Work on Roadways, Airports, and More

Smooth roads and well-paved surfaces are critical for people’s safety. Organizations across B.C. entrust their surfaces to the pros at Parallel Projects. Proper base preparation is vital for success. Our team ensures everything from the proof roll to the binder layer is completed to the highest standards.

construction employee stepping out of a Backhoe Loader

Asphalt Maintenance and Upgrades

Parallel Projects specializes in creating attractive commercial parking lots and smooth municipal roads. Asphalt is a durable, cost-effective paving option. However, keeping your property free of potholes, depressions, and severe cracking will require some maintenance in the years ahead. Even with proper installation, damage from the sun’s UV rays, excess moisture, and heavy traffic will eventually take their toll. Parallel Projects provides the necessary asphalt repairs and upgrades you need.

Site Preparation

The success of any build is dependent on the amount of preparation beforehand. Whether you require a new building, a parking lot, or the construction of a road, Parallel Projects is happy to assist with your site plan design. Our team will clear the land quickly in preparation for your geotechnical site investigation.

Civil Construction, Parallel Projects

Erosion Control

Parallel Projects is dedicated to protecting B.C. land. Proper maintenance of ditches and waterways preserves local water sources and the quality of nearby soil. Our team will adjust the topography of the land based on your needs and the rules of your local community.